Who We Are

History of Hope Ministries

Scott and Michelle Toth, founders and directors of Hope Ministries, have been working as church planters in the Amazon basin for 28 years. Scott Toth, originally from Rochester, New York, started his missionary work as a counselor in a boy’s orphanage in Southern Brazil during the years of 1975-1979. Michelle was raised on the mission field in Papua New Guinea and also worked there both in church planting and as a missionary nurse and midwife from 1978-1981. Scott and Michelle married in 1982 and had 4 daughters before returning to the mission field in Brazil as a couple in 1990. Their 5th daughter was born in Brazil in 1991, followed by their first son in 1996 and one more daughter in 2000. Four of their daughters have married Brazilians and all 7 children plus spouses are currently living in Brazil and involved with Hope Ministries, either as staff,  or working as volunteers.

Hope Ministries was started in 2008 under Fields of Harvest Church, Baytown, Texas. Pastors David and Martha Cochran and the Fields of Harvest Church have played an integral part in the forming and birthing of this ministry. Their encouragement, support, prayer and ministry with and to the Toth family over the last 25 years has been foundational to Hope Ministries.

Toth Family

Scott and Michelle Toth: Full Time Staff.  Directors of Hope Ministries and Pastors of the Fields of Harvest Church in Castanhal.

Marcos and Rachel
Marcos and Rachel Nogueira: Full Time Staff.  Marcos is working full time as an administrative and financial assistant for Hope Ministries. Rachel and Marcos also oversee the Evelyn’s House project, a home for at risk children we will be opening in the near future. Marcos and Rachel are parents to three year old Marcos David.

Marçal and Rebekah Benathar: Full Time Staff. Marçal and Rebekah are full time mission pastors at the Castanhal and Bujaru churches. Marçal is also a licensed crew for the Medical Boat. He is very handy in many areas and helps do mechanical and electric maintenance for the ministry and Medical Boat. Their sons are Jonathan (7) and Benjamin (5).

Bethany Toth: Bethany is studying to take an entrance exam for Medical School in December of 2020.  She is currently living in Belém. Bethany volunteers at our local medical clinics and Medical Boat trips.

Higor and Christina and their son Christian: Christina graduated from Nursing School in 2017 and worked as a full time representative for neurovascular surgeons at a Neurosurgery Clinic in Belem for the past three years. Higor graduated Medical School in 2018. He is currently working full-time as a doctor in Belém and Castanhal. Both Christina and Higor volunteer at our monthly medical clinics.


Deborah Toth (far left): Full Time Staff. Deborah graduated from Nursing School in March 2018 and is working for Hope Ministries as a Registered Nurse. Deborah is responsible for Medical Clinics that take place each month in River communities and she oversees volunteer medical staff and personal that work at our clinics. She is also maintains our patient database and pharmaceutical inventory. Deborah also spends 3-4 days a week living in Bujaru and helping pastor the church there.

Philip Daniel (far right): Philip is completing his third year of Nursing School in Castanhal. He is also our youth group leader and leads our worship team in the Castanhal church. Philip has recently become one of our key Bible teachers.

Havilah: Part Time Staff. Havilah started college in 2019 and originally was studying social work. In the middle of the year however, Havilah felt that God was calling her to switch to a Law Degree. She is currently studying law at a university in Castanhal. She feels that God is calling her to work with those in need, especially, in the River Communities of Pará. Havilah is also being trained to work part-time as an financial assistant for Hope Ministries.

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