Opportunities for giving in 2020:

  • Construction of first river church on Capim River at Alegre Vamos.
  • Finish construction of the Açu Church.
  • Dormitory for church camps and training river missionaries at Betel.
  • Continued funding for medicines and medical boat trips on the Guama, Capim and Moju Rivers.
  • General Fund – Toth Family on Staff and Operating Expenses
  • Medications
  • Medical supplies

Your gifts in 2019 provided for:

  • Funds for maintenance of the medical boat, caulking and repainting the hull.
  • Purchase of dental chair and dental equipment for the medical boat.
  • Funding for monthly health clinics in Bujaru and medical mission trips on Guama, Capim and Moju River.
  • Monthly support for Toth family.
  • Bibles for evangelism and teaching new believers.
  • Funds to build foundation, purchase fill dirt and raise the walls for the Açu Church.
  • Purchase of small van for guesthouse and medical trips.

Thank you so much for your gifts for the 2019 giving year. You have sown and watered and God has brought a great increase! As we start each of the projects listed above we believe that God will provide one step at a time.  The harvest is great – please join with us!

Scott, Michelle and Family

Checks for both personal family support and for Hope Ministries donations should be made payable to Hope Ministries. All donations are tax deductable.


(Updated May 6th, 2020)

Pray for the Amazon Areas of Brazil Affected by COVID-19 – The northen states of Brazil and Amazon region have been hit much harder by the virus outbreak then other areas of Brazil. This is most likely caused, not by a greater spread of the virus, but due to an already seriously inadequate health care system. Even before COVID-19 arrived in our area, many hospitals were already at full capacity and now have literally locked their doors. Many doctors are sick and in quarantine and others have passed away due to COVID.  Because hospitals have locked their doors, many are dying on hospital doorsteps. Please pray for continued health and protection for our family during this time, as well as the many in Brazil who are facing desperate health situations.

Praise report! We have seen many answers to prayer as some members from our church, and others who we know who became sick, are already on their way to recovery.

Victor and Elsie Schlatter – Vic and Elsie (Michelle’s parents) moved to Brazil from Australia in May 2019 so that the family here in Brazil could care for them. They have many health issues due to age, and Vic has difficulty with his memory at times. Please pray for God to protect them especially during this time. As we mentioned, there are currently NO hospitals or medical facilities available in our area at this time.

Higor, Christina and Christian – Please keep Higor and his family in your prayers as he is currently working 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week in Belém at an emergency clinic, and the campaign hospital.

Although the entire world is facing difficulties, we beleive that this time shall pass! If you feel that God is directing you to visit Brazil in the near future, please contact us. We have many opportunities for individuals or groups to come to Brazil to assist in ministry here. Come on a work team and help build a river church. A team to build a dormitory at our camp grounds is also a current need. There are many other work projects available at our Bujaru church property. Medical ministry teams are also needed to go out to river communities. Short term and long term missionaries are also welcome.

Contact us for more information.

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