One day a year all of Brazil rushes to celebrate Children’s Day, a national holiday to celebrate the life of a child. The day is commemorated with special presentations, children’s activities, and gifts. For upper class Brazilians, the day is bigger than Christmas or birthdays when it comes to presents for their children. But sadly, for the poorer majority, children’s day passes by like Christmas and birthdays, no presents, no cake, no family time, no special meal, not even a small distraction from the everyday abuse or hardship experienced.

Jesus said, “Allow the children to come to Me, do not forbid or prevent them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” Mark 10:14. Last August, while building our Bujaru church, God spoke to us to provide an opportunity for the river children to come to Him.  Since then, every Saturday afternoon a team from our church in Castanhal travels out to Bujaru on the Guama River, to hold a service for the children. Around 30 children from the area of Bujaru meet us there, many walking through the jungle along the river to reach the church. We sing with the children and tell stories from the Bible. They love coloring a Bible story picture at the end of each lesson! We end our Saturday night program with a snack of bread and juice which is likely the only evening meal for some of the children.

Saturday, October 12th, was Children’s Day here in Brazil. To make the children’s church service in Bujaru special, we organized games for the children and gave each child a small gift provided from members of our church in Castanhal. We are grateful for the 65 children who attended the event and for each smile, laugh and hug we received in return. We likewise thank God for the parents who came with their children and heard the Bible lessons we shared!
IMG_0904 (640x480) On their way to church!
Dia das crinças - Bujarú 2013-22Learning about Jesus.
Dia das crinças - Bujarú 2013-33 (640x458)
Dia das crinças - Bujarú 2013-39
Dia das crinças - Bujarú 2013-52 (640x435)Coloring time.
Dia das crinças - Bujarú 2013-85
Dia das crinças - Bujarú 2013-87 - Copy (640x412)
Dia das crinças - Bujarú 2013-104Playing games and fun with gifts.
IMG_1096 - Copy

As we share God’s hope with families in the Amazon area, we pray that His redeeming love would continue to reach the children and families in Bujaru and the Amazon of Brazil. Please pray for us as tomorrow we will be receiving a Team of 10 dear friends from Texas who will be with us for the next two weeks. During this time, we will be working on construction projects at the Bujaru church property and completing work on the road that leads to the church, as well as having several church events to continue reaching the Bujaru community with hope through Jesus. Thank you so much for making all this possible through your prayers and support!

Love, The Toth Family