Update – April 2013

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Hunger for the Word of God

Apr13.1Bacaural and his family, are one of the many families who have been touched by the Gospel through the Bujaru Church planted last year. Before their baby was born, Bacaural paddled a small canoe for 2 hours through an equatorial downpour to bring his wife (9-months pregnant), his 2-year old son and his in-laws to our church in Bujaru. They brought their dry clothes in a plastic bag so that they could change when they got to the church. Each time we visit their tiny wooden house on the river’s edge, their family is overjoyed for one more opportunity to pray, read the Word together and worship. That is the only fellowship they get because the canoe that they borrowed to come to church is no longer available. We are praying for God to open doors for a second river church in their community of Conceiçaõ.

The river church in Bujaru continues to grow stronger.

Apr13.2Many of the neighbors have seen the dramatic change in José since the Lord has set him free. More people are beginning to want to come to the church where God has power to change even the worst sinner’s life. Vanessa, José’s wife, testifies that she has a new husband, completely free from alcohol and drugs, who is attentive to her and their children. Now, after 8 years together, José finally gave Vanessa her first birthday present – a small metal table and 4 chairs for the kitchen. Instead of using his money on drugs and alcohol, he is beginning to save up for basic needs of the family.

Pastoral Training

Lourival and Dulci are a couple from the Bujaru church who we are meeting with for pastoral training along with Jose and Vanesa. Dulci had been dedicated to a witch doctor when she was a baby and suffered from demonic attacks that would leave her writhing helplessly on the floor 2 or 3 times a week. She was afraid to leave her house in fear that she would have an attack in a store or along the street. After deliverance prayer during our Bujaru church camp, she was completely set free. Dulci took us to the village where she was raised and she and Lourival went with us to testify to all her family and friends of how Jesus has saved them and given them new lives.

These are just a few of the beautiful testimonies of God’s power in the lives of the people on the Guama River.

Because of your sharing and giving to this ministry, these families have been transformed by the love of Jesus. Your gifts this year alone have finished the Bujaru church with doors and windows and finished the well, bringing drinking water to our church and the caretaker’s house. Your gifts have made possible the many, many trips to Bujaru for church services, pastor training and evangelistic outreach. Your gifts have purchased 100’s of Bibles for those who never had a Bible of their own before. Your gifts are training new missionaries from here in Castanhal. Your gifts are building up the fund to purchase our medical boat to reach many more villages along the river.

The needs are so great and few are able to go. Thank you for enabling our family to go.


Scott and Michelle Toth and family

May your unfailing love rest upon us as we put our hope in you. Psalms 33:22