2011 Hope Ministries Highlights

Newsletter December 2011b


“Not that we are sufficient of ourselves, to think of anything as coming from ourselves, but our sufficiency is from God.”  2 Cor. 3:5

Camp Harvest – March 7-9

God blessed us at Hope Ministries this year with a free campsite to use for our first youth camp.  Forty –five young people attended Camp Harvest for a special time of fellowship and seeking the Lord together.  There was time for fun events of soccer, volleyball and swimming during the day.  The evenings were reserved for meetings with worship, preaching and time to seek the Lord together.  The young people returned home, strengthened in their commitment to serve the Lord.


Baptisms – August 5, November 16

Bruno, 20, and Gabriel, 19, are two young men of the 10 new believers that were baptized this year.  Both their lives were completely transformed by the power of the gospel.  A year ago, Gabriel was living a life of drugs, alcohol, and immorality.  Today he is enrolled in Bible School, has married the girl he was living with and is being a faithful husband and father to her son.  At his wedding, Gabriel’s uncle testified of the miraculous change in Gabriel’s life.

Bruno is also enrolled in Bible School and both he and Gabriel serve on the worship team.


2011.4Miquelly, 11, testified that she has made an adult decision to follow the Lord.  “Eleven year olds today face decisions that older teens and adults faced in past generations”,   Miquelly shared.   “I certainly know what sin is and what the world has to offer and I know that I want to give my life completely to Jesus and follow Him in baptism.”2011.5

2011.6Antônio, 70, is a dear friend of ours that we first shared the gospel with 12 years ago.  We have been praying with his wife and children all these years for his salvation.  He made a decision to follow the Lord this year and wanted to be baptized right away.  Certainly the angels were rejoicing in heaven at his baptism!

Bible School – Started August 12

2011.7Twenty students enrolled our Bible School which started this August.  Many of the students are college students who also work to help support their families.  Even with their limited time and resources, these young people want to dedicate 4 hours every Sunday morning as well as many hours of home work each week to learning the Word and learning how to share the gospel with others.

Evangelism Team

2011.8In August, some of the Bible School students along with other young people in the church formed an evangelism team to go out and visit families in the neighborhood and share the gospel with them.  One of the first families that they visited was Paulo’s (right). Paulo had been a leader in the Catholic Church for years but never had read the Bible.  When he heard the gospel, he came to church and received Jesus as his Savior.  His life has been completely changed and he has read the whole New Testament in the last 4 months.  He was baptized on November 15 and is praying for his wife to also give her life to Jesus.

Working and Ministering

This year we were blessed with being able to finish the front of the church, put up the church sign and paint the outside of the building.  We were also able to put up the last wall of the sanctuary, put in most of the electrical installation, and put in two bathrooms.

We are now working to finish the electrical installation and to put in the doors and windows in the sanctuary.  The next project is the Sunday school rooms and nursery.  Thank you so much, each of you who have helped with donations for the church construction here in Castanhal.  God is at work!



River Ministry

2011.11One of the highlights of our ministry year was the trip we made to Bujaru on October 12, Children’s day, a holiday in Brazil dedicated to giving gifts and special activities for children.  The church collected trunk loads of used clothes and prepared 70 gift bags with candy, snacks and a small toy, as well as a present for each child.  Our purpose was to share the love of Jesus with the river community in Bujaru to prepare the way for the church we will be starting next year.

Leaving Castanhal in the morning, we loaded two cars with the gifts, Bibles, children’s Bibles, used clothes, shoes, sandals and reading glasses.  As we went from house to house along the road where our river property is located, we saw the Lord at work in the hearts of the people.  The children came eagerly to receive their gifts, the mothers and teenage girls sorted through clothing for their families, and young men and boys started reading through the illustrated Bibles that we gave out.  There were families that wanted prayer as well and quite a few elderly people who took the reading glasses so that they could begin reading their new Bibles immediately.

There is a team planning to come from Texas next June to help us put up our first river church in Bujaru on the Guama River.  Before they come, we need to prepare a campsite with running water, an outhouse and a platform above the jungle floor that we can sleep on while we build the church.  If any of you would like to help with this first river church, now is the opportunity!

Prayer Requests

Pray for wisdom, strength and maturity for our children that continue their studies and their preparation for future ministry.

Rachel – Psychology (in California)

Bethany – Nursing (in Castanhal)

Higor and Christina – Medicine and Nursing respectively (in Belem)

Denis and Deborah – Pre-Med and Nursing (in Castanhal)

Philip – 9th grade

Havilah – 5th grade

Pray for those of our family who are full time or part time in ministry for strength and for the Lord’s equipping for ministry.

Scott and Michelle – pastoring

Marçal and Rebekah – assistant pastor, worship and youth ministry, Rebekah – dance ministry

Denis and Deborah – serving as deacons and in the children’s ministry

Pray for Fields of Harvest Church Castanhal.

Pray for the Bible School students for perseverance to continue preparing for ministry.

Pray for the new Christians to grow in faith, commitment and purity.

Pray for the church to continue reaching out to win the lost in all areas of Castanhal.

Pray for the River Ministry

That God would touch the hearts of people to give towards building the first church in Bujaru.

That the Spirit of God would prepare the hearts of the Bujaru people to receive the gospel.

Opportunities for Giving

  • Completing the Castanhal Church building – Next project: nursery and Sunday school rooms.
  • River Ministry – Funds for developing the Bujaru Property – help prepare the land for the first river church!
  • Medical Boat Fund – God has already miraculously provided the first 25% for the cost of the medical boat!  We are working with a builder in Belem to prepare a boat that will serve both for medical work and evangelism.
  • Bibles – Used for evangelizing and as a gift for each new believer.
  • Toth Family Support– Thank you for your faithful support that meets the needs of our family and makes it possible for us to continue serving here in Brazil!

2000 years ago, shepherds and angels, wise men and prophets celebrated the coming of a baby who would be king of the entire universe.  Today we wait for the greatest celebration of the ages …

2011.12Our King is coming!


Scott, Michelle and Family


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