2009 Hope Ministries Highlights

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Hope Ministries – Castanhal

2009.2rtMarch 15 was starting date for our first church meeting here in Castanhal. Over the last 5 months the Lord has given us contacts with about 80 people that we are reaching out to on a regular basis. Many of the people coming to church have background of serious difficulties in their families, with their finances, with addictions or wrong life styles.

2009.3lftWe have seen many miracles, many answers to prayer, and many that have made a commitment to follow Jesus. Right now we are meeting on Sunday (main service), Tuesday night (Bible Study), and Thursday afternoon (women’s Bible Study). Saturday night is our open house for young people – with ping pong, basketball, fellowship, and food.

2009.4rtThe Lord has given us a beautiful piece of land to build our first church on (100 ft x 200 ft) in the center of the neighborhood just 1/2 km west of our home. The land is actually central to 3 large neighborhoods and is in an area where there are no other churches period. We are thanking God for the great harvest that He will bring!

Outreach on the Rivers

2009.5rtGod has answered our prayers to reach out on new rivers with the gospel message.  After prayer and seeking the Lord for a base of operation accessible to both the city of Castanhal and new river systems, the Lord led us to the river town of Bujaru (12,000 residents.)  Bujaru is on the Guama River which is the largest Amazon tributary in the Castanhal/Belem area.

2009.6lftThree hours up the Guama River by boat from Bujaru, is the mouth of the Capim River – another river system that has its source over 500 miles upriver in the southern most part of our state of Pará.  Besides access to these two rivers, there are excellent roads that go from Bujaru to both the Acara River and the headwaters of the Moju River.
2009.7rtTwo months ago, the Lord provided for us to make a down payment on a piece of river front property in Bujaru.  The land will be used for a river church, docks for a river boat ministry and camp grounds for the Castanhal Church.  We also desire to set a part of the land aside to use in a ministry for needy or abandoned children as the Lord opens the doors.


River Trips

2009.9rtOur year began with a trip to the Marijó Island.  Our family was able to visit the towns of Soure, Salva Terra and Cachoeira do Arari.  For years the Lord has given us a burden for the people of Cachoeira do Arari and we were thrilled to go back and see some of the people that we had witnessed to years ago.  Anderson was one of the young people that had come to a church start in Cachoeira in 1994 and also visited our family in Castanhal.  When we arrived in Cachoeira this year, Anderson was one of the first people that we saw.  Anderson took us to meet his mother and other family members.  We prayed with them and told them that we would be back again to establish a permanent church with Hope Ministries.

2009.10lftWe were able to make 3 different trips to Guama River towns and villages.  One trip was to towns that were acessable by car – the other 2 trips were by boat.  Everywhere we went we saw the great need of the people to hear of the hope that only Jesus can bring!  We saw that there are many river communities without Bible teaching churches and many river towns that still have hundreds of unreached people.  We are praying for the Lord to send workers to help reap the harvest that is so ripe.


Family  News 

2009.12God blessed us with visits from family this year!  Vic and Elsie Schlatter, Michelle’s parents, came in June.   Juarez and Ashley Toth (Scott’s brother and his daughter) came in July.   Josiah Comeau, (Marcos’s brother) was here in July and August.

Now our kids are back to school –Christina and Deborah in Belem, Philip and Havilah here in Castanhal, and Bethany in Miami (she found she could finish her nursing degree there in 1 ½ years opposed to 4½ years here in Brazil.)  Rachel is working in Belem, living with Christina and Deborah and all three are home on the weekends to help with the church.  Bethany has found a wonderful church family in Miami – we are so thankful for their love and care for her!

Life Lessons Learned

2009.13About 5 weeks ago, Scott was trimming the    bushes along the running path in our yard.

When Havilah came up to see what he was doing, Scott asked her, “Isn’t this beautiful?”

Havilah’s response was, “Beautiful???           You call this beautiful???”


2009.14God’s Word says, “Now no discipline seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.”  Heb 12:11


When God takes us through times of discipline and pruning, our tendancy is to say like Havilah, “Lord???  Beautiful???  This???”   But His Word also says, “and every branch that bears fruit he prunes that it may bear more and richer and more excellent fruit.”  John 15:2 (Amp)   God says that He disciplines us for our good, “that we might be sharers in His Holiness.”  Heb 12:10

Prayer Requests

For our girls

  • Safety for Bethany in Miami and Rachel, Christina and Deborah in Belem.
  • Wisdom and diligence in studies for Bethany, Christina and Debora
  • Jobs for Bethany in Miami and Rachel in Belem.

For Hope Ministries

  • The presence of the Holy Spirit in our services to bring salvation, transformation, healing, and deliverance.
  • Breaking of demonic influences in our neighborhood and in the lives of those coming to church – witchcraft, drugs, alcohol, and imorality.
  • Strength and energy to minister to the many people that are coming asking for prayer for special needs.
  • A servant’s heart for each of us who are part of Hope Ministries.  “The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

Opportunities for Giving

  • Monthly payments on property for Castanhal Hope Ministries Church –  $1000/month
  • Monthly payments on Bujaru River Property – $625/month
  • Medical Boat Fund
  • Bibles
  • Children’s Ministry
  • River Ministry – travel, boat fuel, church planting
  • Toth Family – your gifts help to meet our monthly personal expenses and make it possible for our family to minister here in Brazil.

Thank you so much for your prayers for our family and for your faithful and generous financial support!  God has called some of us to plant, and others to water – but it is He who gives the increase.  Together we will reap a harvest for our coming King!

Much love,

Scott and Michelle Toth and Family



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